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Payout Set-up Sheet​
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Step 1 - Enroll in a payment service

APi does not currently offer direct deposit so please sign-up with Zelle, our preferred payment processor, to receive realtime payments from us (or Venmo if your bank does not offer Zelle).

*You can skip this step  only if you are already enrolled in Zelle or Venmo

Step 2 - Request a *TEST* pmt of $.01 using 

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Once your Zelle account has been set-up (or if you already have a working Zelle account), you can use Zelle to request a payment from us to confirm it's all working. From your mobile banking App or online banking account, request payment from us using the following email address:
                    [email protected]

Alternatively, If we don't receive a *test* request from you prior to your 1st payout, we may initiate a test pmt to you.


*You can skip this step  only if your bank does not support Zelle

Step 3 - Let us know how you'd like to get paid

Assembly Pro (Your Name)
Routing Number**
Zelle ID (cell phone# or email address)
Venmo ID
PayPal ID
Checking Account #
Bank Name**
Indicates currently supported deposit method
**For future reference when direct deposit is supported