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Frequently Asked Questions

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    How many orders a day/a week can I expect?
    Order volume varies drastically. In our busiest territories in the busiest times, our pros can average over 3 orders a day. However, many variables come into play including performance metrics, competition and seasonal aspects of the business.
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    How much will I get paid?
    This is an independent contractor position and pay is based upon a revenue share model. Details can be found online in Sched A, accessible via the pro-portal and the Pro Handbook.
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    How/when will I get paid?
    Payments are made every 2 weeks based upon a published schedule.. We use various direct deposit methods with Zelle being the preferred one.
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    Will I get paid for travel time?
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    What tools do I need?
    You are expected to carry a screw gun, various bits, a mallet and other wrenches needed for sporting equipment assembly.
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    Will I need a helper / can I bring a helper?
    Most jobs do not require a helper but if you feel the need to bring one, you can at your own discretion.